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Orientation is a time when clients can view the facility and discuss the type of care we can offer children. It is a time for the parents to be reassured of our building's schedule during the day while their child is in our care. This is the best opportunity for new clients to ask questions about the center. During this visit, clients are given the opportunity to look around the facility with one of our staff members to peek at the classrooms. 

Ø Hours of Operation & Office Hours

Monday through Friday from 5:30am to 6pm

A child's parent or guardian will authorize, with management, who will be allowed to pick up and drop off at the facility. 

Mother and Father will ALWAYS be allowed to pick up their child regardless of the pick up list authorization.

The option of exclusion to one guardian will ONLY be available with a Direct Court Order Document.

All others picking up the child will need early notification of individual picking up. Please make sure to ask the pick up individual for proof of identification.

Please Note: A child may be dropped off by a non-regular family member or family friend but may be prompted for identification and appropriate permission from the child's legal guardian.

Anyone can drop-off a child; escorting a child off our premises needs to be done with written authorization on file by the parent or legal guardian. This procedure may be repeated until the family authorizes the individual in our systems.

Dropping Off -

not calling late

courtesy call by 9 30 no exceptions 

Picking Up

Dont be late