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Be a part of the Angel's Place Family! 

Having to make various decisions about your child's care everyday operations, education, and environment can be an overwhelming task and with the COVID restrictions we sometimes have to Move children from one classroom to another, while we have our facility sanitized or the child out age the children in that classroom. At Angel's Place Daycare, we would like to make the process as easy as possible so please understand We all must work together to ensure that each child's individual needs are met so let's all work as a Familia. 

Step 1 - Contact Us!

Don't be shy.

Pick up the phone and dial our number! We will answer all of your questions to the best of our abilities or leave a message on our contact us page and an intake specialist will reach out to you.

Step 2 -

Make an Appointment!

Schedule an appointment with our management team. We'd love a chance to meet you and your little one(s). Please allow us to set up a meeting time; this way we can guarantee you and your little one our full attention. We will let you know of our rates, facility, and even see the teacher in your child's age group.

Step 3 -

Come see our Facility!

"Mi casa es su casa"

Let us show you our home. We want you to  decide if our place is just the place for your child and your family. The best way to make a choice? Come on over and see our place!

We will be preparing forms that will state all requirements before your child's start date. 

Our Office Hours Are:

6:30am - 5:30pm (except for specified closure dates)

Tour and Consultation Hours:

Currently, Tours are In Person

*Once we have we received these items we will give you additional paperwork to prep for your consultation

Documents to Bring For Consultation:

-Family Registration Form

-Older Child USDA Registration Form or Infant USDA Registration Form

-Child's Proof of Birth (Birth Certificate or Birth Letter)

-Virginia School Entrance Health Form

*Which should contain your Child's:

*Shot Records

*Physical records

Fill out all required Forms:

We'd love to have you here!

Please fill out all required documents before the start date. This way, we will have a full understanding of how to prepare for your little one's specific needs without the needed paperwork your start date may be delayed.

Welcome to the Family!

Upon enrolling in Angel's Place, your family is a part of the Angel's Place family. Rest easy knowing that we look out for our families and motivate our children with the best care and loving environment. We are committed to striving for the high standards in early care and education programs while nurturing and supporting our Children, Families, and Friends as a Community.